Junction Square Arbour Steelwork

Wodonga Junction Square Arbour

Year: 2015

Client: Wodonga Council

Description: Manufacture and install Junction Square arbour steelwork

Location: Wodonga, Vic

Value: $245,000

Junction Square is a significant new meeting space for central Wodonga and is an integral part of the new heart of central Wodonga.

The $1.75 million Junction Square adjoins the realigned Elgin Boulevard and provides a link from High Street through to the broader Junction Place precinct.

Junction Square features refurbished existing rail infrastructure, seating and shade.

Construction and erection of Junction Square Arbour by steeltech engineering began in February 2015, over an 8 week period for the City of Wodonga.

Junction Square was opened by the Member for Northern Victoria on 28 April 2015.

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